Miles of footpaths leading directly from the property, make Ninham ideal for dog lovers walking their four-legged friends

We welcome responsible dog owners here at Ninham, but please be aware that as a farm we do have rules in place to ensure the safety of not just other dog owners, but all the wild ducks & bird fowl that call Ninham their home and of course our own very free range chickens !

  • Dogs must be kept on their lead at all times whilst on site
  • Dogs must be provided with fresh water at all times 
  • Dogs are not permitted within any of the facilities and this includes the swimming pool area & play areas
Dog Running
Responsible ownership

We actively encourage you to go explore the wonderful countryside & beaches that the Island offers, but please do follow some basic rules

To help us to keep the countryside a safe, healthy and enjoyable place for everyone please:

• Keep your dog in sight and under control – Use a lead when necessary

• Clear up after your dog, particularly in car parks, play areas or on paths, by placing dog mess in a dedicated bin or taking it home

• Never let your dog chase wildlife or farm animals. It causes serious injuries and your dog could become lost or hit by a car

• Observe local notices when you’re out and about. There may be restrictions in woodland or on farmland at sensitive times of year, like in spring, during the lambing season, and between the beginning of March and the end of July when ground-nesting birds are on eggs or raising their young

Dogs Playing
Walking the dog